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Box Clever

Fruit Box Code: 1615

  • Season apples 1x5
  • Med pineapple 1x1
  • Grapes black seedless 1x500g
  • Citrus pack 1x5
  • Bananas 1x1kg



Salad Box Code: 1616

  • Cucumber 1x1
  • Iceberg lettuce 1x1
  • Peppers mix 3pk
  • Tomatoes 1x1.5kg
  • Gourmet salad 1x250g


Veg Box  Code: 1614

  • Red onions 1x1kg
  • Broccoli 1x500g
  • Carrots 1x2kg
  • Potatoes 1x2kg
  • Cauliflower 1x1



  • Box Clever
  • Box Clever