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Whether you prefer to cook your own, slice your own or need a time saving turkey to feed large sittings, our range ensures the focal point of your Christmas dinner is served just how you like it.


Cooked & Pre-sliced

(4976) 3mm Pre-sliced Turkey • 4kg

(5029) 5mm Pre-sliced Turkey • 3.5kg

(6360) 3mm Pre-sliced Halal Turkey • 4kg

(3909) Supreme Sliced Turkey • 500g


Perfect for Sandwiches & Salads

(3548) Sliced Turkey Breast • 500g

(9378) Pulled Turkey • 500g


Cooked & Ready to Slice

(385) Superior Turkey Breast Joint • 3.8kg

(474) Danum Turkey Breast Joint • 4kg


Raw Turkey

(3250) Boned & rolled skin on butterfly turkey • 5kg

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