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About Us

What makes us special

We’re not your average food wholesaler - we don’t just drop off, we drop in – we build friendships, so we truly understand our customers’ needs. A personal, responsive and interested service is at the heart of everything we do and like yourself, we take pride in our business and deliver with pride.


Many of our products are made to order by regional artisan suppliers and are hand finished to give an authentic homemade appearance. Simply place an order and we will deliver it straight to your kitchen door in 48hrs.

  • Buy straight from the van

    Buy straight from the van

    We know that running a busy food outlet is never an exact science, which is why if you're short of a few things you can get them straight off the van. What's more, you can get an updated invoice right there and then. It’s great to know we are there when you need us.

  • Everything you need

    Everything you need

    From sandwich fillings to soups, our portfolio of products has everything you need for an exciting daytime dining offer. Everything is carefully selected or made specifically with a caterer in mind. Our products come with long shelf lives that are approved and controlled by the Company Quality Assurance system.

  • Peace of mind

    Peace of mind

    You can rest easy that we share with you all our products’ ‘per portion served’ nutritional information on all our sandwich fillings and bakery.

  • Our suppliers

    Our suppliers

    As passionate as we are about food, many of our suppliers are small, local or regional operations and are well known for the quality of their products.

  • Like us? Join us!

    Like us? Join us!

    If you like what we do, love food and most importantly love people whose business is food then you are right up our street! Get in touch, we are always looking for great people to join the family, so get in touch here!

  • Our customers

    Our customers

    From takeaway sandwich shops to public sector catering, our customers are united in the need for a supplier that understands what it means to run a food business, has the products to make that business profitable and has the friendly service that makes doing business with us a pleasure.