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Newest Drinks

Rejuvenation Drinks

Rejuvenation are the first Amino Acid enriched spring water drinks. All come in colourful recyclable cans.

(2774) Rejuvenation Sparkling Water Cherry & Cranberry

(2773) Rejuvenation Sparkling Water Lemon & Lime

(2772) Rejuvenation Sparkling Water Tropical


Switchle Drinks

Switchle drinks are a mouth-watering blend of sparkling spring water, apple cider vinegar with honey, fruit juices and selected botanical extracts that will excite your taste buds, satisfy your thirst and fuel your body with goodness.  

(2695) Matcha Lime

(2696) Rooibos & Pomegranate

(2697) Turmeric


Tenzing Drink

Tenzing energy drinks are packed with hydrating Himalayan rock salt, anti-oxidising Indian Gooseberries and energising Guarana.

(2727) Tenzing Natural Energy Drink


Emerge Drink

Emerge energy sugar free is a carbonated low calorie mixed fruit flavour energy drink with taurine, caffeine, B vitamins and sweeteners.

(2736) Emerge Energy Sugar Free


Can O Water (Resealable)

Natural still or sparkling water from the Austrian Alps, in a resealable and recyclable  can to replace plastic bottles.

(3243) Still

(3244) Sparkling

  • Newest Drinks
  • Newest Drinks
  • Newest Drinks