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New Healthy Snacks

We have some nutritious and healthy snacks available. All are dairy and gluten free.


Coconut Rice Puffs

(2821) Ape Coconut Rice Puffs Thai Chilli - Puff balls combined with chilli and flavours of lemongrass, made from coconut and rice.

(2822) Ape Coconut Rice Puffs Vegan Cheese - Vegan cheese flavoured Coconut and rice puff balls. A suitable healthy snack.

(2823) Ape Coconut Rice Puffs Lightly Salted - Lightly salted coconut and rice puff balls, a healthy snack to have on the go.


Fruit & Nuts

(2810) Cashew Nuts - Whole cashew kernels and nothing else.

(2811) Whole Almonds - Delicious crunchy sweet almonds. 

(2812) Fruit & Nut Mix - A sublime mix of sultanas, dried diced apricots, almonds, blanched peanuts, cashew nuts and flame raisins.

(2813) Super Seed & Fruit Mix - A tasty mix of raisins, goji berries, pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds.

(2814) Mango & Coconut - A mix of coconut chips and dried mango chunks.

(2815) Nutty Protein Mix - A mix of blanched and unblanched almonds, pistachio nuts and hazelnuts.

  • New Healthy Snacks
  • New Healthy Snacks