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New Fillers & Salads

New Sandwich Fillers

(2735) Tandoori Chicken Marinate - Sliced chicken breast coated in a Tandoori marinate. 

(2717) Tuna Miso - A gluten-free tuna, peppers, soya beans in a Miso dressing with sesame seeds. A great source of minerals and vitamins. 

All serves 15 portions per 1kg.

New Salads

(2712)  Lentil Quinoa and Cranberry Salad - Cranberries, diced cucumber, sliced spring onions, lentils and quinoa in a herby vinagrette.

(2713) Mango Salsa Noodle Salad - Cooked noodles with mango and soya beans in a salsa dressing. Why not try the salad tossed with marinated tandoori chicken.

(2714) Pinkslaw - Pink star, white & red cabbage and carrot shredded in a mayonnaise dressing with chives and white onion.

(2718) Pea, Bean and Mint Salad - A mix of chickpeas, soya beans & adzuki beans in a light mint vinaigrette.

All serves 15 portions per 1kg.

  • New Fillers & Salads
  • New Fillers & Salads