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Soup Season

Available in handy 4kg ‘no mess’ microwaveable catering tubs (offering 16 hearty servings), no prep is required so you can guarantee accurate portions, meaning peace of mind and complete cost control.

With 20 incredible flavours to discover, from meaty to vegetarian, vegan to gluten free.

(401) Minestrone

(8692) Indonesian Chickpea & Coconut

(4019) Butternut Squash & Sweet Potato

(4056) Carrot & Coriander

(409) Leek & Potato

(411) Tomato & Basil

(4054) Thai Chicken

(405) Lentil

(416) Mushroom

(425) Country Vegetable

(430) Chicken

(4053) Classic Scotch Broth

(6849) Beef Stew

(4013) Pea & Ham

(4026) Italian Tomato & Pancetta

(8693) French Onion

(4052) Spiced Parsnip & Honey

(8694) Mexican Chilli Beef

(8695) Sri Lankan Chicken

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  • Soup Season